Run under the guidance of British Triathlon and British Cycling our regular club training sessions aim to improve skills and techniques in swimming, cycling and running and to improve fitness in all three disciplines. Our aim is to prepare our juniors for triathlons as well as cycling and running races.


Where: Sun Lane Pool, Wakefield.  When : Saturday, 9.30am – 10.30am.  Tuesday, 7.00pm – 8.00pm

Also, Ossett Academy School Pool on Tuesdays 7.15 – 8.15pm


Cost : £3.00

To prepare our juniors for triathlons these sessions place a bigger emphasis on front crawl than the other swim strokes. Led by a qualified coach, the sessions progress through the year towards the race season. These sessions offer swim training to improve technique and fitness, they are not suitable for children who are learning to swim for the first time. We ask that all children attending are able to swim 100 continuous metres of a recognised stroke, preferably front crawl.


Where: BKAT Cycle Circuit, St. Thomas a Becket Catholic Secondary School, Barnsley Rd, Wakefield, WF2 6EQ (Min. age 7)

When: Friday, 6.00pm – 7.25pm

Cost: £3.00

British Cycling structured sessions coached by qualified coaches. During the winter months, please ensure your child wears plenty of layers, ideally high-vis or brightly coloured clothes plus gloves are a must!


Where: Thornes Athletic Stadium

When: Monday, 6.30-7.30pm

Cost: £2.50

Tailored to the triathlon season, progressive sessions include drills to improve technique as well as fitness. Led by qualified coaches, transition practice is also included in the sessions as we approach the race season.


Where: Thornes Park

When: Wednesday, 6.00pm – 7.15pm (approx.)
(August to December only)

Cost: £2.50

These are specific sessions to cater for the more capable riders in the club that compete in the local cyclocross races between August and January. Meet at the college car park up to the end of September then in Thornes Park Athletic Stadium.  Please contact the club if you are interested in this session.

Open Water Swimming

Where: Pugneys

When: Saturday Mornings 9.00 – 10.00am

June to September (water temp dependent!)

Cost: £3 for WJTC Members / £5 for non-members (Min. Tristars Start age i.e. 7 and must be 8 by 31st December)

During the summer months we regularly join the senior clubs open water swimming sessions at Pugneys Lake on Saturday mornings. These sessions are open to all our junior members who are competent swimmers.  All swimmers must wear a wetsuit and the club has a good supply of suits which can be hired for the open water season.  A hire agreement form for each wetsuit, must be signed and accompanied by a fee of £15 plus a £20 refundable deposit.

Training guidelines, clothing and equipment

If you have any queries about equipment or clothing please speak to the coaches at any of the training sessions.


A pair of good fitting goggles is essential. A drink should be brought to every session in a sports bottle with a closed cap, this can be left at the end of the lane during the session and small drinks taken regularly between sets. During some sessions fins (small flippers) are used for kicking drills, the club has a small stock of these which can be borrowed, if you have your own please bring them along.


Most of the running is done on the track. All you need is a good pair or running shoes and a few extra layers of clothes in the winter time


Ideally all riders will have their own bike which they will bring to each session. If you do not have a bike, the club has a small stock of club cyclo-cross bikes which can be hired for a fee of £30 for three months. A hire agreement form must be signed prior to borrowing club bikes.  Please speak to the coaches or a member of the committee about the availability of club bikes.

During the autumn and winter months training usually involves off-road cycling on the grass in-field at Thornes Stadium on mountain bikes or cyclo-cross bikes. In the spring and summer months training switches onto road bikes on the 400m track. If you only have a mountain bike you can still join in with the road cycling sessions. If you are purchasing a new bike please speak to the coaches who can advise you about the most suitable options. For many of the children a cyclo-cross bike has been ideal as with a change of tyres it doubles up as an off-road cycle and a road cycle.

A cycle helmet must be worn at all times when cycling at any club session. All junior triathlons and cycle races also require helmets to be worn.

Our bike sessions at Thornes Stadium run all year round and are only cancelled if the weather conditions are very poor. This means that appropriate clothing is required for various times of the year. Gloves, fingerless or full should be worn all year round. Fingerless gloves/mits are not appropriate for cold conditions, full gloves should be worn. For most of the year full body cover should be worn including leggings and long sleeve tops and jackets. A rain jacket is worth having with you at all times. If you have plenty of layers to keep you warm you can always remove some of them, if you are cold and have no more clothing you stay cold!

Occasionally and more so as the triathlon season approaches, we will include transition practice as part of our cycling training in which case you will need to bring a pair of trainers too.